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To, first and foremost, be a safe place where the masculine can gather in connection. In our vulnerability and authenticity, we connect to ourselves and each other with the desire to be witnessed, supported, celebrated, and challenged.


To continually define and then seek healthy masculine embodiment. Through connection and joint practices, we reveal more of our masculinity to then heal the wound, discard the toxic, and strengthen the divine. We seek to refine ourselves and embody the four masculine archetypal energies of King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover.


In our continuously evolving selves, we perpetually define masculinity and embody what the circle provides: a refuge of safety and defense for those who have been marginalized and ignored. We become a haven for those seeking healing and expansion. We embody this refined masculinity at our jobs, in our homes, and in all aspects of our lives.


To enjoy and benefit from a tribe of like-minded men. We become friends, brothers, defenders, collaborators, and partners in the continued evolution of all those who seek interdependence with us. Through our connection, growth, and evolution, we seek to unite all of those within our tribe and people - women, children, our elders; in short, all of humanity - to rise together and join in this adventurous life.

Upcoming UMC Events


April 1, 2024 6:30 - 9:00 PM

April Men's Circle Gathering

Millcreek Library Meeting Room


April 17, 2024 6:30 - 9:00 PM

UMC / Algiz Guard Combined Event



May 6, 2024 6:30 - 9:00 PM

May Men's Circle Gathering

Taylorsville Library Meeting Room




Joe Speredon

The Algiz Guard (Men's Embodiment Group)

Joe Speredon

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Having embarked on his own path of crisis and self-discovery Joe discovered the healing nature of brotherhood and masculine support. From that place he founded the Utah Men's Circle and later on the Algiz Guard. Joe has been at the forefront of men's work for years; gathering men together, facilitating transformative retreats, events and opportunities for growth. He has worked with thousands of men locally and internationally. Joe's journey as a coach, leader and inspirational speaker has crystallized his message of brotherhood and masculine embodiment.

Hailing from the heart of Utah, Joe's diverse background in real estate, fitness, and the electrical industry, along with his experience in warehouse operations, sales, and management, led Joe into leadership within men's work as well. Working with Sacred Sons and many other influential leaders and groups, Joe has had the opportunity to travel all over the world, meet men from diverse backgrounds and guide them through their own healing and evolution. 

Joe's focus lies in guiding the masculine to embrace their authentic selves, unlocking the power of mature masculinity and opening doors to creating their desired reality in all aspects of life—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, sexual, and financial.

Joe understands the transformative power of expert coaching and mentorship. He has worked extensively with renowned coaches across the country, first on his own personal growth and then training to guide others on their unique journeys. With a deep empathy for men's stories and diverse life paths, Joe is committed to helping men thrive, recognizing the vital importance of brotherhood and support along the way.

Tony Pizza

Wayfinder Coaching

Tony Pizza

Tony’s intensive journey into men’s work began in 2018, before he really knew that it had. It was a solo trip to Peru, during a silent retreat when he was asked to spend a day meditating on his relationship with the masculine.

Tony’s life is as colorful as his personality, gathering extensive experience along the way, having been married more than once, and moving away from the Mormon church in his early 20s.

As a father of 2 kids, step father to two more, and a 2023 marriage to the women of his dreams, he’s spent years reading books, attending retreats, men’s groups, and a year-long life coach certification to land where he has today.

He’s a former U.S. Marine, journalist, middle school literature teacher who found Joe in February 2022 and attended his first circle at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon and has been helping to facilitate ever since.

Tony enjoys yoga, meditation, rock climbing, trail running, mountaineering, and spending time with his wife Kristy exploring nature and deeper realms of human consciousness.He has left social media, but maintains a blog on his coaching website for more information and opportunity to connect.


Taylor Cooper

The Conquer You Experience

Taylor Cooper

Taylor Cooper is the creator and founder of, “Conquer You Cacao”, “The Medicine Wheel Drummers”, “The Conquer You Experience,” is a co-creator of, “REVERB Sensory Sound Ceremony”, and is a facilitator for the “Utah Men’s Circle”. He lives at the base of the Utah Mountains with his two daughters and spends his free time exploring nature, making music, creating art, rockhounding, and enjoying time with the people he calls family.

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Our Next Monthly Circle is

Monday, April 1, 2024

6:30 - 8:45ish

Millcreek County Library